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Commercial umbrella insurance throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Commercial umbrella insurance is a supplement, or add-on, to existing policies. The added layer of protection can help pay out if other policies are maxed in the event of a claim.

We’ll work with you to find the extra layer of insulation your business may need, to help if the worst-case scenario happens with your existing business insurance policies.

Like most insurance, business policies have payout limits.  Without commercial umbrella insurance to kick in when those limits are hit, your business would have to pay any expenses beyond those limits.

Commercial umbrella policies kick in only when the limits are reached on your existing policy, to help cover the remaining costs.

For example, let’s say you have a liability insurance policy of $500,000 for your business, but you must pay damages of $700,000. If you have a commercial umbrella policy in place for your business, the liability insurance policy will pay out in full first, and then the umbrella policy will pick up the remaining $200,000.

While it might sound expensive, the low likelihood of ever having to pay out means that commercial umbrella insurance is cheaper than you might think.

Commercial umbrella insurance is a good way to insulate your business and livelihood from risk.  Let us help you find a plan that will cover all of your needs are the right cost.

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