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Flood insurance throughout Central Pennsylvania.

PA is known for its rivers and streams, and with that is the potential for floods.  Even if you don’t live in a high flood risk area, flooding can still happen to you!  We can help asses your risk and provide the proper coverage you’ll need to protect your home.

There are some common misconceptions about flood insurance, that could leave you high and dry if your home gets wet.

Some people think you only need flood insurance if you live in designated flood zones.  The truth is flooding can happen anywhere, especially with all of the streams, creeks, and rivers here in PA.

Many people also believe they are covered for floods with their standard insurance.  This is not the norm with most standard homeowner policies, and you will probably need to add flood insurance unless specified in your homeowner’s insurance.

A final misconception is that the government will be there to help you with flood insurance programs.  The National Flood Insurance Program is designated to certain areas, and only covers a small percentage of homes nationwide.

Floods are the classic low probability but high-risk event.  If you are impacted by a flood, you could face catastrophic damage to your home, loss of many of your personal possessions, construction work, and having to deal with finding a new place to live while your home is made whole.  Not having flood insurance means you’re exposed to all that risk, and more

Contact us and we’ll help explain the benefits of obtaining a separate flood insurance policy.

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