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You get one chance at retirement. Make sure you build it on a stable foundation.

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Retirement planning services throughout Central Pennsylvania.

We believe in communication when it comes to your financial security, and that is what drives our active management style.

Retirement is one of the most important times in a person’s life, and one that can be affected by decisions made well in the past.  Let us help you ensure you have the resources and the means to enjoy life on your terms when you deserve it the most.  Everything from how you spend your time to your budgetary needs changes when you retire, and our team of professionals can be with you every step of the way.

There are many considerations when it comes to financial planning for retirement.  We have distilled them down to four foundations we feel are the most important.   Without these, you can find yourself exposed when you can’t afford to be.

Income Planning

Without income, your retirement dreams could be just those, dreams.  Uncertainty around social security, lack of company pensions, and other events can make it hard to have a retirement income that is stable and will be there for you in the long term.  Maximizing social security benefits without paying a lot in taxes, stock market volatility, and other events compound these risks.  We can help you navigate these stormy waters to help retirement-proof your portfolio.

Investment Planning

Without a plan that mirrors your risk tolerance and goals, your plan could be heading for disaster.  We can help you wade through the many investment options out there, and make the right decision for your financial future in retirement.

Healthcare Planning

Health care often times is a key part of retirement planning.  Do you need insurance if you have Medicare?  What about long-term care as you age?  Should you contribute to your HSA at the expense of your 401K?  We can help you through these questions and more.

Estate Planning

Everyone has wishes for what happens to their financial legacy when they pass.  Without the proper planning and protection, it is easy for those wishes to be taken apart by probate and legal fees, tied up in expensive lawsuits, and hit with taxes of all kinds.  We can help protect and insulate your nest-egg, and make sure your wishes are preserved and fulfilled.

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